We - that is six people with seven nationalities - are the current ESN Twente board and we are looking for some lovely people to continue our job in the next academic year!

You might remember the time when you were on your own exchange...you might just look for a new challenge in your second bachelor year...you might just wanna make some more international friends and explore Enschede...or are you maybe also just amazed by the idea of an international network of volunteers that strive to connect the young generation in Europe more? 

ESN is giving you plenty of possibilities, but it is also what you make of it and that the great thing about it. Every year six enthusiastic students come together to create this warm and lively community of people from all over the world and every year it is different! Noone is a professional here, it's all about gaining experience, about new challenges, moments that last forever, achievement, teamwork and personal fullfillment! There is many reasons why the ESN board could be something for you:

  • Are you someone who loves to bring together people from lots of different countries?
  • Do you like to organise events?
  • Are you interested in graphic design?
  • Would you like to improve your chairing or communication skills?
  • Learning how to manage a group of international students?

Well, there is something for everyone in the board of ESN Twente! We just had our board interest lunch, but you can message us anytime if you still have questions left!!

Check out the available positions! We are still looking for an Activity Coordinator and a Treasurer!


You can also apply already!