Heeeeey everyone!!

We, that is six enthusiastic students from five different countries with big dreams and lots of ideas, are proud to say that we are part of the ESN Twente board 2017/2018.

We want to make sure you enjoy your time in Enschede and we want to provide a community for all the international young people that study here in the far east of the Netherlands.
If you have any questions or problems or just wanna chat, contact us!!
You can find us at the ESN Twente office, located at the Bastille building nr. 319 on the University of Twente campus during lunch breaks from 12:45-13:30 every working day. But of course we also hope to meet you at one of our events!

Love & Peace heartangel

You wouldn't imagine how difficult it is to take a picutre with six people on which everyone looks alright. However, soon you can read here details about each board member!