UPDATE: We are still looking for an External Affairs Coordinator to join us ASAP!

As an external affaris coordinator, you will work closely with the other 6 team members in the board of ESN Twente. Although your will have a specific main tasks to do, there is always room for you own ideas and proposals and to give or receive help from other roles. We are also discussing to open one position specifically for the contact with saxion and other HE institues in Enschede!

The time investment it's between 5-10 hours per week, although this varies each week. We also want to help the new board to get more committee members, so the work is better spread! Don't be afraid to take the step, like everything new the beginning can be overwhelming but we all have grown so much in so many ways this year that we can just encourage you to take this once in a life time opportunity, you won't study forever

But you may ask: What's this role about?

The external coordinator is the responsible for the communication and networking with all the different stakeholders that surround the ESN team. As a external coordinator, you will represent the ESN in meeting at the university (Often accompained by the president or vice-president); manage effective comunication to external parties and stakeholders and find, set and manage partnerships and sponsorships partners so we have enough money to fund our activities. As a result of this, we can have more quantity and quality of events,  offer free events for our members or buy them some nice souvenirs and goodies.

As you can see, this is a core position within the ESN board, and requires a person who has:

·Ability to comunicate clearly, both written and verbally.

·Genuine interest in the ESN mission and values.

·Ability to work in an interdisciplinar team.

·Good Social Skills.

Do you think that you are the right candidate? Are you interested in developing your soft skills and gain a highly valuable experience in an international association?

Then do not hesitate to apply for the position. Send us an e-mail with your motivation letter and CV or come to the office in order to have an interview with one of our board members.

Do you raise to the challenge? We are waiting for you!

Questions? Contact external@esntwente.nl

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