The board of ESN Twente consist of seven enthusiastic and internationally minded students.

​We are always open for you. Questions? Problems? Or just want to talk? Contact us!
You can find us at the ESN Twente office, located at the Bastille building nr. 319 on the University of Twente campus during lunch breaks from 12:45-13:30 every working day.

The current board of ESN Twente 2016-2017:

ESN Twente President & LR

Hey! My name is Pim, a 25 year old Dutch student and President and the Local Representative of ESN Twente. I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Twente. My job is to oversee and coordinate the work of the board. Additionally, I will stay in touch with our friends at other student associations on the UT campus, other local ESN associations in the Netherlands as well as international sections, and with the national board of ESN. I am very excited to help you experience The Netherlands and Europe as best and fun as possible. We are here to help you so do not hesitate to contact us, either in person at our office or by mail, about anything. Have a great stay!


ESN Twente VP & Secretary

Hi all! My name is Harry. I’m 20 years old and from the west of Ireland. I’m currently doing my Bachelor’s here at the atlas University College of Twente. I’m the one that answers your questioning emails but mostly I work behind the scenes; however, you will see me at all the trips inside and outside of the Netherlands. So if you see me walking by on a night out, please stop me and say hello, although I’m terrible with names.

Finally if you have any questions or queries you can send an email, talk to me or stop by the office at lunchtimes. We’re here to facilitate you and to make your experience here on Erasmus more exciting, enjoyable and of course memorable.

I look forward to getting to know you all!


ESN Twente Activity Coordinator

Oi lads, My name is Safiyyah, I'm 22, literally from everywhere :) but I'm African. A highly enthusiastic Civil and Structural Engineering major and currently a postgraduate student in Civil integrated water management and engineering. I am a fun loving individual with a lot of travel and different cultural experiences, I am also multi-lingual. ESN is about different nationalities coming together to be ONE, this is one of the reasons why I decided to be a board member and give back what I have received from ESN. I am the Activity coordinator, feel free to get in contact with me.

P.S. I am very friendly and easy-going ;) don't be scared cause I'm tiny and I don't bite, lol.


ESN Twente Treasurer

Hello, my name is Bram and I am the Treasurer of ESN Twente.
Right now I’m 22 years old dutch student who is currently doing my (pre)master in Construction Management and Engineering at the University of Twente. The first time I got in touch with ESN was during my Erasmus in one of the most beautiful city in Europe; Prague. I was so impressed about the things these Czech students did for international students from everywhere, that immediately I realized that this was something for me to do when I come back in the Netherlands. So here I am, trying to do my best to make this city your new home. Hopefully you have a great stay and enjoy our trips, parties and other activities.


ESN Twente PR and Marketing Coordinator

Hi! My name is Arthur. I am a 24 years old student born on the beautiful island called Curacao. I am currently studying for my Master in Computer Science at the UT. Next to my board position as a PR & Marketing Coordinator, I enjoy programming, but also doing a variety of sport activities, and most importantly spending time with my friends and family. During my board year, I will try my best to fulfil my duties as a PR & Marketing Coordinator. If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk, feel free to contact us through the ESN Twente official website or facebook page, whatsapp or also on the streets if you like ;).


ESN Twente External Affairs Coordinator

Hello international and Dutch friends!

I am Vivian , 23 years old, from the Netherlands. Currently I am doing my Master in Public Administration at the University of Twente. I am ESN’s External Affairs Coordinator. My role is to coordinate and stimulate communications with international as well as Dutch associations. Besides this, I’ll also try to negotiate the best deals and offers that could be of interest for you international students. Since I have lived and studied abroad myself (USA, Germany, Turkey, Portugal), I know how important it is to have a helping hand. In short, we at ESN are here for you, so never hesitate to contact us. Wishing you a great stay in the Netherlands and I hope that your study abroad experience in Twente may enrich you from a personal as well as educational perspective!


ESN Twente Intercultural Relations Coordinator

Hello, my name is Oscar, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Ireland. I travelled here to Twente last year to begin my bachelor degree at the University College of Twente. I joined ESN last year as a member and I loved the group of people that were involved and the incredible atmosphere at all of the events. It was great to be part of such a fun community and this year I decided I wanted to get much more involved and give something back. For this reason I applied for a position on the board and I’m really excited to be a much bigger part of such an important association. I’m the Intercultural Relations Coordinator which is mainly concerned with ensuring international students are integrated into university life here. As well as this I want to organise activities here in Enschede in order for you guys to share and learn about international cultures and make the most of your learning experience abroad here in Enschede!